The American Picnic Collection: Smokey Twilight Ring Sling

The American Picnic Collection:                                                               Smokey Twilight Ring Sling
Our signature ring sling in a beautiful smokey gray gingham with a coordinating solid pocket. The soft gray twilight after a long day of fun. This sling is the perfect end to a busy day, snuggle that baby and watch the sleepy dust do it's work.
Every Desert Baby sling has a signature strip on the tail end with a hidden pocket...perfect for the times you want to go hands-free and be without a diaper bag!
Made of 100% lightweight linen to beat the heat!
Made with US safety-certified and tested rings.

Disclaimer: Please practice safe babywearing! As with anything, wearing your ring sling will take practice, but it soon becomes second nature! Upon purchase of a Desert Baby sling, please watch our instructional video here and check out optimal position here. We also highly encourage you to practice your "babywearing form," making sure of the following:

  • Baby's airway must be open at ALL times. Keep their chin off their chest and allow air to circulate.
  • As a rule, keep baby close enough to kiss, and in view at ALL times.
  • Be sure that baby's head is in the correct position for their age level. Make sure to support their neck should they have no neck control.
  • Keep baby's knees higher than their bums, creating a letter "M," to ensure there is no pinching of their legs, as well as creating a safer seat so they are well secured.
  • You should both be comfortable. If it is not comfortable, try taking the baby out, readjusting and trying again.


33.000 KD